KBA-01687: Remote Recycle


Can I do a soft recycle without access to the IIS server or System Admin Dashboard?


Yes, if the site is fairly inactive, has been running for at least 45 minutes, and you have the SYS | Global capability with D(elete) permission.


  1. While logged in, use a native browser and request:
  2. You should see a response like
    NAK self/what 8125
  3. Reissue your request with 2 added to the number (8125+2=8127), for example
  4. If the site is sufficiently inactive, your request will get a response like
    OK self/recyle – request logged, shutdown initiated 8128

Additional Comments:

If you are logged in using sfDash, use native Internet Explorer for this procedure.

If the site is too active, you will see another NAK with a new number; you can repeat the request.

If the site has recycled within the last 45 minutes, you will see an OK, but the site does not recycle again.  This is intended to prevent DOS attacks.

KBA-01687; Last updated: September 20, 2017 at 8:22 am;
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