Bookmark Naming Conventions

Simple, basic bookmark names consist of two sections separated by an underscore: table_fieldname.

One way to imagine this is that since most Spitfire tables start with a prefix (xsf), the bookmark assumes xsf, so you can omit xsf. Therefore xsfDocHeader becomes DocHeader, and xsfDocItem becomes DocItem.   The next section deals with various suggested ways to determine the table and field.

Bookmarks actually have FOUR parts


  • prefix is optional and specifies formatting and/or repeating data, for example: FC_, Fd_, RR_;   See Adding Prefixes
  • number can only be specified if a prefix is included.  Therefore, they are sometimes called a Prefix Extension.  The purpose is to allow multiple names for otherwise identical bookmarks.  For example FDV_1_DocItem_ResponsibleParty and FDV_2_DocItem_ResponsibleParty
  • alias (as hinted above) is usually a table name.  See also qAliases and references to filtered tables, such as Address Aliases
  • field  is a field name.  Can be a computed field.


This convention applies to Word template bookmark names and placeholder bookmarks in ATC Workflow Scripts (contained in square brackets [ ])