Bookmarks for Items

Repeat Row

Use the RR_ prefix to repeat items on rows; use the RC_ prefix to repeat items across columns. For example, if you want to list the descriptions of the line items listed in your Items tab, use the following:

DocItem_Description Description of the first item listed
RR_DocItem_Description Description of the first item
Description of the second item
Description of the third item, etc.

Note: You can combine the RR_ and RC_ prefixes with other prefixes with no underscore between the prefixes. Examples: RRDV_DocItem_ItemSubType or RRDM_DocHeader_Project


Row Number

Use the RowNumber fieldname with any alias to include row numbers in a table. The field is often used with the RR_ prefix.

RR_DocItem_RowNumber 1
3, etc.

Important: You must use the RR_ prefix within a Microsoft Word table. You may have more than one table in your template.