Budget Revision History Report

This report lists revisions made to project budgets.

Budget Revision History report


  • Project – the Project ID.  You can look up or type a specific project, or use the % mask for multiple projects.
  • Cost Code – the Cost Code associated with the budget row.  You can enter a specific Cost Code or use the % mask for multiple Cost Codes.
  • Targets – the budget “bucket” where the revision was posted.  You can select All, Original, EAC, or FAC.
  • Period – the date range indicating the fiscal period to which the budget revision was posted.  All dates are used until you click on the checkbox, at which point you can select or enter specific start and end dates.
  • WBS Summary – whether or not the report should display only Cost Code lines.
  • Changes Only – whether or not the report should display shows only lines with changes.
  • Output – where you want the report data. You can select Excel or Raw CSV from the drop-down or keep the Screen/PDF default.


  • WBS – a) the Project ID and b) the work-breakdown-structure code (Cost Code) for the budget row.
  • Account – a) the project Description and b) the budget row Account Category.
  • Revenue – the starting amount of revenue in the budget.
  • OAC – the starting Original At Completion amount.
  • EAC – the starting Estimate At Completion amount.
  • FAC – the starting Forecast At Completion amount.
  • Revision Amount – the change amount.
  • Revised Budget Amount – the new total amount in the budget.
  • Notes – notes for the budget row.

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