Calculating Start and Finish Dates on Dates Tab


When we start Commitments/Subcontracts, we know how many days we expect the work to take. Can Spitfire calculate the Finish date or required Start date with this information?


Yes. A Days column is available for the Dates tab (on any Doc type with a Dates tab). This column works with the Start and Finish dates so that when one of the fields is changed, the remaining fields are updated.

How It Works:

  • The row must have either a Start date or a Finish date in order for the Days field to allow input.
  • If both a Start date and a Finish date are entered, the Days field calculates the number of days between the two.
  • If the Start date is entered and a positive number is entered in the Days field, the Finish date is calculated. (For example, 10/1/2023 and 20 gives a Finish date of 10/21/2023.)
  • If the Finish date is entered and a negative number is entered in the Days field, the Start date is calculated. (For example, 9/30/2024 and -25 gives a Start date of 9/05/2024.)
  • You may need to save before you see the calculated dates.


This field is visible, by default. It can be hidden or made visible again through the UI Configuration tool on the System Admin Dashboard.