Cloud Storage Integration

Feature Spotlight: Cloud Storage Integration

Cloud storage. Have you heard of it? Are you using it? If you aren’t, you might want to consider doing so, especially since sfPMS can integrate with, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and other cloud storage providers.

Cloud storage means storing files “in the cloud” so that anyone can access the files from anywhere using synchronized devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone). Our clients who take advantage of cloud storage appreciate how easy it is to give access to project files to anyone, even non-Spitfire users. There are certainly advantages to storing files in the cloud. However, cloud storage is weak in a few areas: files are hard to keep organized; disconnected copies of the same file can lead to different versions at the same time; access is all or nothing; and there is no true control over files.

That’s where Spitfire integration comes in! All of Spitfire’s file management features remain when the system is integrated with a cloud storage provider. The cloud storage integration feature allows you to have your project files in both the Spitfire Catalog and your cloud drive account, so that files added in one location appear in the other. In fact, files added to a particular Spitfire document in one location appear in the same document in the other location because the cloud drive is organized by project, doc type, and specific document. Spitfire Items can also appear in your cloud drive. Best of all, version control works in both locations.


If you are interested in learning more about cloud storage, how Spitfire integrates with it, and how it can benefit your work, contact your Spitfire implementer. See also the Setup for Cloud Drive Integration technical white paper.