Contact List Report

This report lists Contacts.


  • Group By – either “none” or “Company”
  • Active – whether only Active Contacts should be listed.
  • Show Address – whether addresses should be listed.
  • Show Login Info – whether the login and last login date/time should be included underneath the Contact’s name.
  • Spitfire Users Only – whether only Spitfire users should be listed.
  • Customers Only – whether only Customers should be listed.
  • Employees Only – whether only Employees should be listed.
  • Vendors Only – whether only Vendors should be listed.
  • Public Only – whether only public Contacts should be listed.
  • External – whether External Contacts should be listed.
  • Created – [V2019+] when checked, the date range of when Contacts were created to include in the list.
  • Output – where you want the report data. You can select Excel or Raw CSV or keep the Screen/PDF default.


  • User Name – the name of the Contact (and if Show Login Info is turned on, the User Login and Last Login info).
  • Company – the company associated with the Contact.
  • Attributes – the attributes associated with the Contact where I = Integrated with accounting, C = Customer, V = Vendor, E = Employee, U = User, P = Public
  • Address –  the address of the Contact (if Show Address is on).
  • Contact – the email of the Contact.


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