Creating a Request for Quote (RFQ)

There are three ways you can create an RFQ document:

  1. From the Project Dashboard – use this method whenever you want a stand-alone quote not related to any Bid Package or Change Order document. The RFQ can lead to either a new Commitment or a CCO for an existing Commitment.
  2. From a Bid Package document – use this method whenever the RFQ corresponds to the Bid Package document.
  3. From a Change Order document – use this method whenever the RFQ is part of your Change Order workflow.

To create an RFQ from the Project Dashboard:

  1. From the Project Dashboard, select Vendor RFQ from the Documents list, and click Add.
  2. (optional) Change the Description if necessary.
  3. Look up a Vendor.
  4. (optional) From Type, select a commitment type from the drop-down list.
  5. (optional) In Contract Type, select a contract type from the drop-down list.
  6. (optional) Compete remaining fields on the Document Header.
  7. Save the document.
  8. (optional) If this RFQ will lead to a CCO, go to the Details tab, and look up the Commitment requiring the change.
  9. (optional) On the Addr tab, look up the specific person and the Vendor company, especially if you add this vendor to your route.
  10. Go to the Items tab and add the items.
  11. Complete other fields and add attachments if necessary.
  12. (optional) If an Attachment template has been established for this Doc Type, Attach from Template will appear on the Attachments tab.
  13. Either route the document or Save and Close.

You can reopen the document as needed to make changes.

Updating RFQ
To update an RFQ – enter amounts from a returned Bid/Quote:

  1. Open the RFQ document from the Project Dashboard.
  2. On the Document Header, look up of the Vendor Submitter.
  3. Change the Status to Bid Back.
  4. Edit the items on the Items tab.
  5. Save and Close the document.

Awarding RFQ
To award an RFQ:

  1. Open the RFQ from the Project Dashboard.
  2. If necessary look up a Vendor Submitter.
  3. Change the Status to Awarded.
  4. Save the document.

You can now create the Commitment or CCO document from the Actions and Options menu.