Creating an Estimate

To create an Estimate document:

  1. From the Site Options menu, select Create Document.
  2. From the Create a New Document pop-up window, select Create Estimate. An Estimate document window will open.
  3. If no project exists yet for this estimate, leave Project blank. If you attached this Estimate to a Bid and then create a Project Setup from that Bid, this field will be completed automatically.
  4. (optional) In Description enter the necessary information. This text will also be used as the title.
  5. Save (and create) the document.
  6. If you are creating your estimate spreadsheet from a Microsoft Excel Attachment template, click Attach from Template on the Attachments tab.
    –  Name the file, which will be attached to your document.
    –  Enter your information in Excel.
    –  Save and Close Excel.
  7. Add other information to the document (ex: Note) and create a Route if necessary.
  8. Either Route the document to another person or Save and Close the document.
  9. You can reopen the document as needed to make changes. You can also edit the attached file.
    –  As long as you do not route the Estimate document, it will remain in your Inbox (on the Home Dashboard).
    –  If the Estimate document has been routed back to you, it will be in your Inbox.
    –  If you need to find an Estimate document, search for it on the Catalog Dashboard using the Type filter.
  10. To attach the Estimate document to a Bid, open the Bid document, access the Attachments tab, and click Attach a previously catalogued file.

Estimate Options Menu
The Actions and Options menu for the Estimate document offers the following choices after you first save: Alerts, Copy this Document, View Changes.

Statuses for Estimates
By default, the Status drop-down offers two choices: Open and Closed.
–  Closed is a final status, which “locks” the document, and it can no longer be changed.