Project Setup Overview

The Project Setup document, containing project contract information, us the premier document for your project. Once the Project Setup is created and saved, you can access that project’s dashboard and create other documents.

Because the Project Setup documents creates the Project Dashboard, you have only one Project Setup document per project. A Project Setup document may have a Bid and/or Project Setup Info document attached to it. When the Project Setup is first saved, an Initial Budget document and a Submittal Item Register document are created automatically for the project. A Project Setup document also creates the first Pay Application document.

Project Field
At first the Project field may consist of up to six segments (depending on your implementation). Some segments display a list of choice when you begin typing.

Optional Sales Tax Fields
Through UI Configuration a sales tax rate field (and corresponding tax ID lookup) can be included on your Project Setup document. These fields establish a tax rate for your project. This tax rate is used to calculate taxes on your Schedule of Values.

Project Tab
A mid-section tab unique to the Project Setup document is the Project tab. The Project tab is often configured to hold additional information for the project.

Possible Fields

Description A description of the project that appears in the Project List of the Home Dashboard and on the Plan Room Dashboard.
Note: If nothing is entered, the Home Dashboard will use information from the Scope tab.
Program The name of the Program to which the project belongs.
Public Status The status of the Project that appears on the Plan Room Dashboard. Choices for the drop-down list are configured through the ExternalStatus codeset in the Code Maintenance tool.
Commitment Budgeting Mode How and when Commitments and CCO documents will update the project budget through Budget Revision and/or Forecast documents.
Plan Room Mode If the project should be included in the Plan Room Dashboard.
Cloud Storage The cloud storage provider for the project.
Latitude and Longitude The latitude and longitude at which the project takes place. This information can be used to filter the Projects Nearby report.
Forecasting Threshold The default threshold used by the BFA workbook when projecting a cost line. If no number is specific 15 (15%) i used.