Customer Proposed CO Overview

A Customer Proposed CO (Change Order) document contains one or more proposed changes to the Project Contract. The Change Item Register is the master list of all Change Items (Items appearing on Customer Proposed COs  and Customer Change Orders) for a project.

Customer Proposed COs can be created directly or from RFI documents. Customer Proposed COs can lead to Customer Change Order documents. A project may have several Customer Proposed COs, but each project only has one Change Item Register document. The Change Item Register contains all Change Items for the project. When you update a Change Items on a Customer Proposed CO or Customer Change Order, the update is immediately reflected on the Change Item Register.

Change Items
You can have any number of Change Items on your Customer Proposed CO. Each Change Item is its own entity with its own status. Whether you view a particular Change Item from a Customer Proposed CO, a Customer Change Order, or from the Change Item Register, it is the same item. These items can then be Approved or Canceled on an individual basis. Only Approved Items will carry over to a Customer Change Order document.