Exporting Grouped/Ungrouped Cost Code Rows in BFA


I use the Export option in BFA to get a copy of my budget rows. Sometimes my export includes a Type column in column A and sometimes it doesn’t. Why is that?


Whether a BFA export (created from the Copy/Export Data option on the Budget Create/Copy ribbon) shows the Type column depends on whether or not the BFA workbook has the Cost Code lines grouped when the export file is created.

With Cost Codes Grouped (no Account Categories rows shown by default):

  • The Group/Ungroup toggle on the Spitfire BFA ribbon says Ungroup and only Cost Code rows are shown by default. (You can choose to expand individual Cost Codes to see their Account Categories.)
  • The following message appears when you export the data:
  • Column A in your export file shows the Type row, where T = Task/Cost Code.

With Cost Codes Ungrouped (showing Account Category rows also):

    • The Group/Ungroup toggle on the Spitfire BFA ribbon says Group and your rows show both Cost Codes and Account Categories. (You cannot collapse individual Cost Codes.)
    • Column A in your export files shows the Cost Code and not the Type row.