How to Keep Two Fields on the Same Row Closer Together

Request: Some fields on a document tab are closely related but not physically close to each other. Is there a way to make them appear closer so they seem to be more connected?

Yes! You can use an option in the UI Configuration tool to move a second field closer to the first if they are on the same row.

For example, the Items tab can display the following fields:

201607 Item Detail Fields farYou might want the Rev # field to be right next to the Drawing # or the SubTopic field to be right next to the Topic field, so they are better seen as a unit.

To make the second field stay close to the first field on the row:

  1. Go to the UI Configuration tool on the System Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select the appropriate Doc type (Meeting Minutes in our example) and Part (Doc Item Detail- Standard in our example).
  3. Select the first of the two fields that you want to keep together, for example Drawing Number.
  4. Edit the row and in the Extended field, type CSS=sfTDMergeNext.
  5. Accept your change.
  6. Repeat as needed.
  7. Remember to save.
    201607 sfTDMergeNext

After this configuration, the second field on the row on the document will be displayed right next to the first row, for example:

201607 Item Detail Fields closeNotes

For more information about Extended options for the UI Configuration tool, see KBA-01336.

For more information about the UI Configuration tool, see the Focus on System Administration guide.