Integrity Check Report

This report lists, and allows you to repair, issues with your system. You can ask Spitfire Support to set up a SSRS subscription to run this report automatically on a weekly basis.

Integrity Check Report

Note: although the image above does not show the Output drop-down, you can select an output method (PDF/Excel/CSV) for this report.


  • Auto Repair – whether or not to have the system repair as many of the listed issues as possible.
  • Show Audit Data – whether or not to include the First Changed, Last Changed and Change Count columns (see next section).
  • Hide Warnings – whether or not to hide warning messages from the report.
  • IC Type – the type of integrity check.  You can select a specific type or keep the (any) default for all types.


  • Fact – the integrity issue.  (See KBA-01466 for the full list)
    • Approved documents that are not closed
      Documents with an approved status that have not been closed.
    • Catalog: No File Name
      Files in the Catalog with no filename.
    • Catalog: Bad GZ Flag
      A binary entry in the catalog is marked as compressed, but is not.
    • CCO Lines not on Subcontract
      Approved CCO lines do not exist on Commitment.  Usually happens if the Commitment is manually edited by a Sys Admin after having been committed.  (This data condition is only reported, not automatically repaired.  Perhaps the CCO should be canceled or the CCO might be forced back to In Process and reposted.)
    • Compliance Items
      Compliance items that are no longer consistent with current Compliance Type mappings (e.g., because a Compliance mapping has been deleted).
    • Customer/vendor not unique
      Primary company contacts with more than one Customer/Vendor document.
    • Documents with no creator
      Documents without a document creator (Seq 1 routee).
    • Duplicate commitment number on project
      Projects with more than one Commitment with the same commitment number.
    • Duplicate Item Numbers
      Documents with more than one Item with the same item number.
    • Rule Validation Warnings
      Current rule validation warning messages.  (See KBA-01465 for an explanation of rule validation warnings.)
    • Submittal Item not on Register
      Submittal Items that do not appear on the Submittal Item Register.

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