KBA-01011: What happens to the files in a folder when the folder is deleted?


I deleted a folder from the Spitfire Catalog.  Where are the files?


Spitfire folders are virtual containers that allow you to organize your catalog.  When you delete a folder from the organization, everything contained within the deleted folder is promoted to the parent folder or the root.   Deleting a folder never deletes the files within that folder.

Additional Comments:

Since access to files in the catalog is controlled by permission to folders, deleting a folder can change the ability for users to see or access cataloged files.  This change in access can allow unintended access to files that were previously restricted, or make the files appear to have been removed. Additionally, files that are attached to Spitfire documents remain attached to the document, even if the folder structure is changed or the file is moved or renamed.

KBA-01011; Last updated: October 13, 2016 at 8:40 am;
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