KBA-01020: Why don’t my changes on the System Admin Dashboard take effect right away?


Why don’t my changes to the System Admin Dashboard seem to take effect right away?  What is meant by Cache As-Of?


When sfPMS starts, it loads a set of commonly used values into memory.  Each time a new page is opened and needs this common information, the page gets a copy of the cached values.

The System Admin Dashboard displays the date and time that the code cache was last loaded from the SQL server.  In normal operation, it is good to see this value be hours in the past. This implies that the server has been able to maintain its state for an extended period of time. When you make a change to the System Admin Dashboard, the cache is automatically refreshed. However, since each page in use by each user only obtains a copy of the common code information when the page was first opened, pages in use by users on various sessions will continue to use the old values for the remainder of that page‘s life cycle.  New pages will receive the newly refreshed values.

The Manager Dashboard works the same way.

  • You can refresh the System Admin Dashboard by collapsing the changed part then expanding it again.

Additional Comments:

Note that the code cache is just one of the many ways in which sfPMS caches information.  Caching is used extensively throughout the application in order to improve the system‘s overall responsiveness.

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