KBA-01055: Can I Add a Document Type for My site?


The over 60 Spitfire-supplied documents are cool — but I want one of my own choosing.  How do I add one?


Step 1: Add a new Doc Type

  • Open the Doc Types tool on the System Admin Dashboard.  Add your document type and save.  The new document type is immediately available and can be customized using standard techniques.  For advanced document configurations, see step 3 below.

Step 2: Configure the Doc Type

  • Open the UI Configuration tool on the System Admin dashboard.  Add your configurations for the new Doc type and save.

Step 3: Configure advanced elements for your Doc Type

See the With* rules in the DocTypeConfig rule group to configure some of the advanced features of your document type.  These rules take precedence over data in Page.Config or SiteConfig.


Additional Comments:

Some seldom used features still require changes in SiteConfig.xml.  Open SiteConfig.XML (see KBA-01279) and add the following block:


<Key> GUID for your new DocType – without the { and }</Key>

<Value>Your Site Name</Value>


<Comment>a free form label to describe your document type</Comment>



DocBody used in the <Body> tag in the example above is the basic Spitfire document, but you could select another Spitfire document to use as the base of your new Doc type. The DocTypeConfig – BODY entry can name other containers; scan Page.Config for possible alternatives.  You might choose the container name of a document that you want your new document to be a lot like.

KBA-01055;  Last updated: April 29, 2020 at 12:37 pm;
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