KBA-01114: Making a Contact Public for a Project


How do I make a Contact available on lookups by other members of the same project?
Why is the project team public flag sometimes disabled?


You can make a project team member public within the scope of a project by using the Contacts part on the Project Dashboard.

  1. On the Team Contacts part of the Project Dashboard, find or add the Contact to the team list.
  2. Edit the row for the contact. The Public column will appear if you have the List | Maintain Public Contacts capability with the Read permission to view the column.
  3. Select/check the Public checkbox.
    Note: The List | Maintain Public Contacts capability with the Update permission is required to edit the Public column.
  4. Accept your changes.

If the Public checkbox is disabled, there are two possibilities:

  1. The Contact has been set to be globally public.  (The project public option is irrelevant for a Contact who is already public.)
  2. You have the List | Maintain Public Contacts capability with only the Read capability; the Update permission is required to edit the Public column.

Additional Comments:

For the team member to be available on a Contact lookup, the lookup must be opened from a form that is project-centric, such as a document with Project ID. If the Project ID is NOT included on the source for the Lookup, there is no criteria by which a project public designation can be filtered.

KBA-01114; Last updated: October 11, 2016 at 12:51 pm;