KBA-01230: Fields Available for Use in the Executive Dashboard Computations


Fields Available as input to Executive Dashboard calculations:

rv_eac_amt Revenue current budget amount
rv_bud_amt Revenue original budget amount
rv_act_amt Revenue actual amount
rv_com_amt Revenue committed amount
rv_fac_amt Revenue FAC amount
rv_Contract Revenue contract amount
rv_ppco_amt Revenue unapproved committed Change Order amount
ex_eac_amt Expense current EAC amount
ex_eac_units Expense current units
ex_bud_amt Expense original EAC amount
ex_bud_units Expense original units
ex_act_amt Expense actual-to-date amount
ex_act_units Expense actual-to-date amount
ex_com_amt Expense committed amount
ex_com_units Expense committed units
ex_fac_amt Expense FAC amount
ex_fac_units Expense FAC units
ex_ppco_amt Expense unapproved committed Change Orders amount
ex_ppco_units Expense unapproved committed Change Order units
ApprovedCO Revenue approved Change Orders amount
Retention Microsoft Dynamics SL AR retention
TotalAR Microsoft Dynamics SL AR current receivable (open AR)
TotalCost Microsoft Dynamics SL AP cost-do-date
APRetention Microsoft Dynamics SL AP retention
TotalAP Microsoft Dynamics SL AP current payable (open AP)
OriginalSCAmount Commitment (subcontract) original amount
ApprovedSCAmount Commitment (subcontract) approved amount
PendingSCAmount Commitment (subcontract) pending amount
ApprovedPRRetentionAmount Pay Request (non-integrated) approved retention amount
ApprovedPRTotalAmount Pay Request (non-integrated) approved total amount
ApprovedPRPaidAmount Pay Request (non-integrated) approved paid amount
PendingPRRetention Pay Request pending retention amount
PendingPRTotalAmount Pay Request pending total amount
PendingPRPaidAmount Pay Request pending paid amount
BTD Microsoft Dynamics SL AR billed-to-date
cmpActual Computed expense actual
cmpActualCommit Computed expense actual + committed amount
cmpEarnedIncome Computed earned income
cmpContract Computed revenue contract amount
cmpExEAC Computed expense current budget amount
cmpFutureProfit Computed future profit amount (backlog)
cmpEstimatedProfit Computed estimated future profit margin (backlog)
cmpPerComplete Computed percent complete
cmpOverUnderBill Computed over/under billing amount
cmpNetCash Computed net case amount (cash flow)
cmpCashConversion Computed cash conversion amount
cmpCashFunding Computed cash funding amount
cmpNetCashDemand Computed net cash demand amount
cmpUCO Computed pending Change Order amount
cmpExFAC Computed expense current FAC amount
cmpBTD Computed billed-to-date amount
cmpRvEAC Computed revenue EAC amount
cmpExOrig Computed expense original budget amount
cmpOrigCommit Computed Commitment (subcontract) original amount
cmpCCO Computed Commitment (subcontract) approved amount
cmpCurrCommit Computed Commitment (subcontract) current amount
cmpAprvPR Computed Pay Request approved total amount

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