KBA-01271: How to Troubleshoot sfBatchLoader auto-updating

Purpose & Scope:

Spitfire‘s Batch Upload Tool will automatically check for updates and update accordingly when you open the application. If the Batch Upload Tool does not update, here are a few tips on how to find the problem.


  1. Create an sfUpdater.dev text file in c:spitfire. This file will trigger an sfUpdater.log file.
  2. Check …/site/cabs/manifest/gz for the update files. Spitfire Updates store the update files for the Batch Upload Tool in this location. Check to see that the update files are there.
  3. Check …/site/cabs/manifest/sfBatchLoad.xml for the list of files the Batch Load Tool wants to use in the update.

The Batch Upload Tool is designed to run on your workstation and therefore, you must have the ability to read/write/modify the c:Program FilesSpitfireSpitfire Batch Scan Upload Tool folder. The auto-update program will create a rollback folder and you will need access rights to create that folder.

To trigger the update, open the Batch Load Tool, edit the Configuration (just open and click OK). When you close the Batch Upload Tool, it will update.

KBA-01271; Last updated: May 18, 2017 at 12:31 pm;