KBA-01368: Reports are not populating with data


Why is it that when I run a report (such as the Document Log Report) on my workstation, I don‘t get any data in my report, yet when the same report and filters are run from another workstation with my user credentials, the report does populate?


The Internet Properties on the individual workstation where the reports do not populate may be set improperly.

  • Open Control Panel | Internet Options from your desktop.
  • Click Browsing history Settings on the General tab to open the Temporary Internet Files and History Settings window.

If Check for newer versions of stores pages is set to NEVER, then even when selecting filters or changing filter selections, the workstation will NEVER update the displayed report.

This setting should be set to Automatically update stored pages – (which is the default setting) as below:

KBA-01368; Last updated: June 8, 2016 at 14:10 pm;
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