KBA-01398: Setting up a Default Work Breakdown Structure for a Project


I use CSI codes for my Project Cost Codes and start every project with the same work breakdown structure.  Can I have Spitfire create the default WBS when I create the project?


Yes. You can configure this to happen automatically, given that

  • In Mask Maintenance, the Cost Code (Task) mask is defined as follows:
    • The first segment is defined as Validated using Lookup=CSICode.
    • Additional segments, if any, are optional and use no lookup or value list.

When the cost code mask meets the above restrictions and a project is created, Spitfire will scan the CSI list on the CSI Maintenance tool (found on the Manage and System Admin Dashboards) and create WBS entries for CSI codes marked Auto and Active.

If your site‘s cost codes do not meet these restrictions or you have more complex requirements, contact your implementer to discuss the possibility of using custom save extensions to meet your needs.

Additional Comments:

See KBA-01294 for additional information on defining the Cost Code (Task) mask.

KBA-01398; Last updated: June 12, 2018 at 10:38 am; V4+
Keywords:  WBS; default WBS