KBA-01429: Initialization Failed error when trying to view an attached file


I try to view a file, but after the browser opens, all I get is an Error Message box with the following error:

Initialization failed.  Cannot connect to servername:5099
An error occurred while connecting to the server.
Restart the applet?


Two likely scenarios:

  • The server where jVue/Autovue (i.e., the Spitfire Viewer) is running as a service was rebooted and the AutoVue service failed to restart.
  • The AutoVue service is frozen.

In both instances, the solution is to restart the service.

Occasionally, the AutoVue service fails to restart. This could be due to some Autovue processes that are still running.

  • Shut down the service.
  • Check Task Manager | Processes on the server where the AutoVue Service is installed  to be sure all the java.exe, javaw.exe and jVueServerX.exe processes are ended.
  • Select any of these processes that are still running and use the End Process button to shut down all the processes.
  • Return to Services and restart the AutoVue service.

Additional Comments:

jVue and AutoVue are no longer supported by Spitfire.

KBA-01429; Last updated: June 16, 2016 at 12:47 pm;
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