KBA-01490: Which field in the database links the Change Order to the SOV workbook?


How does the system know that a Change Order hasn‘t already been added to the SOV workbook?


The xsfDocItem.LinkedDocKey field is populated with the Change Order document‘s DocMasterKey when a Change Order is added to the SOV Worksheet. However, this field only links SOV lines to a single CO. The system also creates a line comment linking the Change Order Document‘s DocMasterKey and the SOV Line key (DocItemKey) to preserve all the Change Orders merged into a single line.Therefore, if the Change Order document‘s DocMasterKey isn‘t found in any xsfDocItem.LinkedDocKey or xsfComment.DocCommentKey, and the Change Order has billable Revenue, then that Change Order is still available to be added to the SOV workbook.

KBA-01490; Last updated: October 27, 2016 at 9:32 am