KBA-01497: Using Spitfire to route documents via fax


Spitfire does support routing documents via fax. You will need to have a valid working account with a SMTP Fax service provider.
Providers that are being used successfully by Spitfire clients are:

  • myfax.com
  • fax.com
  • nextivafax.com

Once configured in ICTool, Spitfire hands off the fax via your Exchange Server which forwards it on to your SMTP fax gateway provider. The provider then does the actual faxing on your behalf.

Additional Comments:

  • Windows Fax Server is not supported.
  • SMTP Fax Email Gateway is supported.

Be sure RouteConfig | FaxingEnabled is set to 1.
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KBA-01497; Last updated: October 20, 2016 at 9:06 am
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