KBA-01528: Two Bookmarks for County data


Are there any bookmarks to support County information?


Yes. The Contact Address tab includes a County field.  If populated, use the DCNTY_ prefix to access the County info.

For example, on a Commitment, the Vendor (a.k.a. the Source Contact) info can be added to a Subcontract or PO using the SrcConAddr bookmarks. The prefix DCNTY_ follows the same rules as the DTI_ (Title)  or the DCO_ (Company) prefix.  For example, DCNTY_SrcConAddr_UserKey will provide the County entered in the Vendor‘s Contact record. The Project Setup document‘s Project tab also contains a County field for the Project‘s County. If you populate this field, you can access the County info from a template from any document on the Project. The bookmark is DV_DocHeader_ProjectCounty.

KBA-01528; Last updated: September 18, 2017 at 13:59 pm