KBA-01619: Display Folder Name in a column for Catalog Search Results


How do I display the file folder name in a column in catalog search results?


By default, folder names are indicated using a mouse-over tool tip.  If you want the folder name to be visible in the list, you can follow these steps

UI Configuration

On the System Admin Dashboard:

  1. Go to the UI Configuration Tool.
  2. Select Catalog Search as the Part.
  3. Add a row and select File – Other as the Item
    1. Select Catalog Dashboard as the Context.
    2. Provide a Label, perhaps Folder.
    3. Make the Item Visible and RO (read only).
    4. In the Extended field, enter the following to re-purpose the column to show the ContainerKey (the folder identifier) using the ContainerName description.
    5. Accept the row.
  4. Save your changes.


The Result

On the Catalog Dashboard:

Catalog Search Results With Folder Name

Additional Comments:

This is an advanced topic; contact your implementation expert (not support) for assistance.

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