KBA-01637: Doc Date Bookmarks


What bookmarks can be used for a document’s Dates tab?


There are three bookmarks that can be expressed in two formats.  The bookmark names are


The alias for these bookmarks can be expressed as a Sequence or a Doc Date. (See the Note below for information regarding why Sequence is the recommended style.)




where DocDateName is from the Description column on the Dates tab and xxxxx is one of the bookmark names.



where xx is the Date’s Sequence # and xxxx is one of the bookmark names.

Sample Bookmarks

S60Date_ActFinish or ProjectCurrentDate_ActFinish

You can add a Date formatting prefix too:
FM_S60Date_ActFinish or FM_ProjectCurrentDate_ActFinish

Project Dates

Any document can access dates from the project

  • DV_DocHeader_ProjectStartDate –> Monday, December 10, 2012
  • FMMMMbddcbyyy_DocHeader_ProjectStartDate   –> December 10, 2012

Additional Comments:

The Sequence style is recommended for the following reasons:

  • Word Bookmarks do not allow spaces or periods—so Doc Date Names need to be one word.
  • Word Bookmarks do have a character limit—so Doc Date Names need to be on the shorter side, especially if you are adding a long Date formatting prefix like FMMMMbddcbyyyy_

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