KBA-01839: Document Header no longer in memory!


If you’ve had a Spitfire document open but idle on a browser tab for many hours, or if the connection between your workstation and the IIS server is disrupted for more than 3 consecutive minutes, you may get a server error when you click from another tab to that (idle) document tab.  The error would say:

Document header no longer in memory!


Short Term:

Press the Ctrl + F5 keys to refresh the document.  Spitfire will also refresh the screen after a minute or so, clearing the error message.

Long Term:

Adjust the performance settings on your browser.

  1. Go to Settings on your browser (Chrome or Edge).
  2. Select
    1. Performance (in Chrome) or
    2. System and Performance (in Edge)
  3. Go to the section
    1. Always keep these sites active (in Chrome) or
    2. Never put these sites to sleep (in Edge)
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Add the URL to your site.


There is nothing else that Support can do to “fix” this behavior in Spitfire’s Classic UI, because the IIS Server has released the document from memory, on the assumption that it is no longer needed.

We recommend not keeping documents open if you are not actively working on them.