Manage Dashboard

The Manage Dashboard is made up of a list of manager tools on the left and the selected tool part on the right. Some of these tools (Compliance Types, CSI Maintenance, Date Types, Reference, Templates, Code Maintenance, and System Information) are also available on the System Admin Dashboard.

The Manager Tools enable you to do the following:

Routes Create and maintain predefined routes that populate the Route Detail tab of documents that meet the specified criteria.
Allocations Establish allocations and markups for Change Item Budget Entries.
Alert Subscriptions Institute and maintain Alerts for specific users based on a variety of triggers.
Compliance Types Establish types of compliance for vendors and Commitments. (See the System Administration Focus Guide.)
CSI Maintenance Create and maintain a CSI list with short and longer descriptions to be used in Spitfire documents and lookups.
Date Types Institute the date types to be used on the Date tabs of certain Spitfire documents. (See the System Administration Focus Guide.)
Programs Create and maintain programs for the organization and grouping of related projects.
Reference Establish and maintain lists based on whatever you want in order to categorize documents and Items.
Region Maintenance Create and maintain regions for the organization of your vendors.
Templates Upload a variety of templates for use throughout sfPMS.
Code Maintenance Edit or view the options for various drop-downs (pick lists) used in documents and throughout the system. (See the System Administration Focus Guide.)
System Information Check information about servers, versions, and last cache. (See the System Administration Focus Guide.)