Mask Definitions and Mask Detail

When you select Mask Maintenance, the Mask Definitions part appears.


Integrated Site: Click Get Dynamics SL Data to retrieve data from Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Non-integrated Site: Click Select to view mask details.

Mask Name The name of the mask you are defining.
Project refers to the Project ID
Task refers to the cost codes
Commitment refers to commitment document IDs
Max Segments The maximum number of segments masks can have. Segments will be separated by a dash when the ID or code is displayed.
Max Length The maximum length all segments together can have.

Note: You may also find a mask for another Doc Type if one was set up during installation.

When you expand any of the mask rows, the Mark Detail appears.


Segment # The number for the segment within in mask. Segments are numbered in the order they are created.
Length The length for the particular segment.
 Name A name for the segment.
Mask Type The type for the segment. Choices are:
Numeric: 0-9
Uppercase Alpha: A-Z
Validated Text: choices from look-ups or drop-downs
Uppercase Alphanumeric: A-Z, 0-9
Lookup The name of a lookup, such as “PJCODE” from Microsoft Dynamics SL or “CodeLookup” or “CSICode” from Spitfire.
Values Possible choices from the drop-down menu if type is “Uppercase Alphanumeric” or code set if type is “Validated Text”.