System Admin Dashboard

The System Admin Dashboard is made up of a list of administrative tools on the left and the selected tool part on the right.


The System Admin tools enable you to do the following:

Roles Design and maintain the roles that grant users access to functions, Spitfire documents, and projects within sfPMS.
Event Subscriptions Configure connections between sfPMS and event-handling code written by your programmers. (See the Developers Primer and contact Support for more information.)
Catalog Folders Indicate the type of access (view, insert, update, delete, all) users have for file folders.
Cloud Storage Set up paths to cloud storage providers, if any.
Report Folders Control the access to report folders.
Account Categories Describe the general ledger accounts in words rather than numbers and group these accounts for reporting and analysis purposes.
 Alert Types  Activate or deactivate the Alert types that appear in Alert tabs and Subscriptions.
 Company Divisions Provide basic information for your company or for company divisions within your organization or corporation.
Compliance Types Design and designate Compliance types to be used in the Compliance tab of Commitments and other documents. In V2017+ this tool is found only on the Manage Dashboard.
Doc Types Deactivate or rename Doc Types and create new Doc Types.
Workflow Scripts Create and maintain ATC workflow scripts to use with routing.
UI Configuration Visually configure Doc Types and a few parts of certain dashboards to include or exclude fields, columns, and tabs.
Mask Maintenance Set up Cost Code and Project ID parameters by specifying segment, length, and type.
Rules Maintenance Customize logic for how sfPMS behaves. Rules govern various aspects of the system.
System Information Check information about servers, versions, and last cache.