New Features in Spitfire Version 4.6

We are releasing sfPMS Version 4.6 in early October! Remember to register for one of our webinars (above) to learn about new features, which include:

  • “Google Authentication” login.
  • One-click shortcuts, such as to expand and collapse parts, and to get to a document route row in the Inbox.
  • Ability to rename files by clicking on the file name.
  • Attachment cloning, which allows you to create a new file from a copy of an attached file when copying a document (for example, when creating new Meeting Minute documents with attached agendas).
  • Use of when sending a document backward (“Sent Back” or “Restarted”).
  • Support of “Sent Back” through the Route Response Wizard.
  • Use of attached Via Excel workbooks to add and edit Items, even in Chrome.
  • Use of BFA Import workbooks to add and edit CI Budget Entries.
  • Ability to configure the Catalog Dashboard.
  • New filters, new workflow script commands, new rules and new reports.
  • Lots of other helpful improvements.