What’s New in Spitfire Version 4.6

What's New in Spitfire Project Management Version 4.6

General Release – October 2015


Once again Spitfire has packed an incredible number of features and improvements into its newest version, and to complete the good news, the prerequisites for Spitfire Project Management System V4.6 have been updated slightly: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating system, .Net version 4.5, Internet Explorer Version 11 or Microsoft Edge—these are much the same as our previous version. So there are no excuses for holding up your upgrade from the previous version of Spitfire to our latest offering.


  • Easier to enhance "Welcome" document

System Wide

  • Requires .NET 4.5
  • Part Header bars now act like show/hide toggle.
  • [+] tab now includes Create Project.
  • Site Dictionary for Spell Check
  • New themes (New Blue, Fresh White)

sfDash - Office Integrated Dashboard Client for Microsoft Windows

  • Long downloads by the “Get Latest Version” no longer result in an erroneous ‘not responding’ warning from Windows.

Contact Dashboard

  • Now includes an External ID filter
  • Shows Google Profile picture if the contact has used Google Authentication
  • Associated Google accounts are summarized under password

Home Dashboard

  • Loads and refreshes faster
  • Project List no longer includes lookup footer...
    ...Project Lookup and New Project are now moved to the Dashboard Tabs as the + tab
  • Site Photo can be turned off and replaced.  See KBA 01610whatsnew_46_7
  • Inbox Action bar: documents expand so you can act on the route right from the Home Dashboard
  • Project list shows scope if public project description has not been specified

Project Dashboard

  • Document Summarywhatsnew_46_10
    • Solid dark blue Diamond icon indicates currently chosen Doc type
    • Allows overdue bars to be turned off (globally, or by Doc type)
    • Changing Doc type refreshes just the one part
    • +More link at bottom of Document menu switches to All Doc Types
    • Document menu resizes depending on if Photo, Remarks and Conditions are collapsed or expanded
    • One click access to Project Setup, Submittal and CI Registers
  • Removing someone from the Team no longer requires a save
  • In-Place Edit - Change the filename without opening File Properties dialog



  • Loads and refreshes faster, particularly when changing Doc type
  • Transaction drill down shows vendor name in grid (when available)

Executive Dashboard

  • Dramatically improved performance for many projects, particularly when older projects are no longer changing but have not been closed

Catalog Dashboard

  • Files
    • In-Place Edit: Change the filename without opening File Properties dialog
    • Optional “other” column

Login Dashboard


  • Drag and Drop: both Attachments and Routing now update the sequence as you go, without having to ‘accept’
  • Improved Masked Input (for new project IDs)
  • When source contact is a company, the TO address is now set to the person at that company. See KBA-01616
  • Copy Document. See KBA-01530
    • Attachment cloning can be configured (by Doc type) for templates and attached file type (docx, etc)
    • Attachment option can be disabled (or filtered) by Doc type

Document Items

  • Now supports drag and drop sequencing (configuration required)
  • Data driven Item Sort no longer prevents quick edit on those fields!
  • Can import and update Items from attached VXL workbook
  • Quantity and Rate can be configured to support 0 to 4 decimal places. In UI Configuration, use Format = F0, F1, F2, or F3. Note: The formatting must be consistent across document types and grid and detail views!


  • Drag and Drop sequencing no longer requires an explicit ‘accept’
  • Attachment Sharing: State is now updated while the document is open/idle
  • New Attachment Filters: Matching, Included, Cataloged since
  • Edit PDF files on your Windows workstation, just like Word and Excel (given capable software: for example, Adobe Reader and Abode Acrobat)
  • In-Place Edit: Change the filename of an attachment without opening File Properties dialog
  • File version summary


  • Drag and Drop sequencing no longer requires an explicit ‘accept’
  • Route dates include year when needed
  • Route Response Wizard supports:
    • More Statuses: Send Back and Restart
    • Inbound attachments
  • Click to copy route response to notes tab (See RouteConfig rules)
  • Due Date is now quick edit
  • Thumbs up icon now works in two ways:
    • still automatically sets the Status to Responded and saves the document
    • now detects if you have changed the status and will just save the document

Workflow Scripts

Change Orders

  • You can now import the Budget Entries for a Change Item using CI Budget Import from XLS Worksheet Using an Excel workbook with a SpitfireImportData worksheet and a BFA import map.

Commitment Change Orders

  • Budget related validations are checked when saved pending (Limit to Budget, Prevent Negative Remaining, and similar conditions)


  • Now includes attachments and clones templates by default.


  • Note chaining configurable by Doc type
  • Notes in the BFA worksheet can br configured to be specific to each Budget Revision or to an aggregate of all Notes for that line item across Budget Revisions.

SOV Payment Applications

  • Address data now includes title for contacts

User Preferences

  • Two more themes!
  • Profile Picture displayed if available (see Google Authentication)


  • New DKEYAT_ prefix resolves key for primary person at the company
  • PDF Files can be added as attachment templates

Company Divisions

  • Email field added
  • In-Place Edit

UI Configuration

  • Context supports document subtype, allowing (for example) PO and subcontract type commitments to have differing UI
  • In-Place Edit: label, lookup and other attributes


BudgetConfig |

  • BudgetConfig | NoteChaining - configures if notes are copied to new snapshots
  • BudgetConfig | COCCOLineTarget - configures if new lines are added for subcontracted CO work

DocCopyConfig |

  • DocCopyConfig | AttachedTemplates - configures how attached templates are copied.
  • DocCopyConfig | AttachmentCloning - configures the files types that should be cloned when copied.
  • DocCopyConfig | AttachmentFilter - filters doc attachments.

DocItemConfig |

  • DocItemConfig | RenumberSeq - configures if items are automatically resequenced

DocTypeConfig |

  • DocTypeConfig | ShowInfoBar - configures ovedue bar under doc type name

EMailText |

  • EmailText | UseDivisionEmail enables use of division email

QueryConfig |

  • qAlias rules moving from WordTemplateConfig

RouteConfig |

  • RouteConfig | ManualEcho configures if can copy route responses to note manually

WBAConfig |

  • WBAConfig | UOP specifies Units of Production account

VXLConfig |

  • VXLConfig | ForwardLookingRows controls the number of consecutive blank rows that can be found in an import worksheet without stopping the import.
  • VXLConfig | ImportCIRevenueSummary, when true, tells imported CI tasks to yield a single revenue entry at the end.
  • VXLConfig | ImportCIRunAllocations controls how CI import and CI allocations interact.
  • VXLConfig | ImportCIViaCommitment controls (by account) if the imported task yields a self-perform or commitment expense.
  • VXLConfig | UseWBAConfigSubcontract controls whether the Account Category will be automatically treated as being "Via Commitment" during the Change Items import.


  • Cloud Storage Utilization by project and file type (Admin)
  • Report Output Selection to Screen/PDF, Excel, or Raw CSV has been added

Resolved Enhancement Requests

  • 10756: Make it easier to see Vendor Name in transaction drill down
  • 15080: Resequencing Document Items like attachments
  • 15771: PDF Compatibility for templates
  • 16703: Pending CCOs should validate budget restrictions
  • 16822: Enhance ‘Welcome’ document feature
  • 17547: Copy Document should offer attachment cloning
  • 18127: Quantity and Rate should support up to 4 decimal places
  • 18187: RE: Get Files (Not Responding)
  • 18746: SOV - Add the contact title
  • 18752: Chaining of Notes on Budget Revisions and Forecasts
  • 18814: Manual Echo of Route Replies to Note
  • 18277: Acknowledge Route from Inbox
  • 18799: When uploading multiple files, provide a list of failed uploads
  • 18834: Route Dates include year when needed
  • 18871: Catalog Grid supports UI Configuration
  • 18895: No project photos on Home Dashboard
  • 18981: Report output to Excel
  • 18986: Route Response Wizard support send back


Upgrade Considerations


Copy Document Attachment Cloning

Why: Many requests.  When you copy one meeting to another, the prior meetings attachments are helpful, but you don’t want the new meeting notes to update the prior meeting document.

Potential Problem: Old SOP many need updating

Suggested Solution: Review DocCopyConfig rules

During the upgrade: No action


Next Meeting: Includes Attachment  

Why: Many requests.   

Potential Problem: 1) Old SOP many need updating

2) If you are using non-templated workbooks or DOCX files, you may want to enable cloning

Suggested Solution: Review DocCopyConfig rules

During the upgrade: No action


Catalog Dashboard

Why: Now fully Configurable

Potential Problem: Now only shows project name (with ID tool tip)

Suggested Solution: Consider UI configuration to show ID, name or both

During the upgrade: No action


Project List Footer

Why: Redundant thanks to new [+] tab

Potential Problem: User may not find the new functionality right away

Suggested Solution: Training!

During the upgrade: No action


Review CA Summary

Why: Some changes were made to gathering CA Summary data for projects

Potential Problem: Reports that rely on psf_ProjectCASummary may depend on the legacy behavior where rv_Contract and ApprovedCO used to be the same on all cost analysis  detail lines. The ApprovedCO (approved change order expense amount) is now stored per line.  Since psf_ProjectLineSummary returns one line per projects, reports that rely on the line summary are not sensitive to this change.

Suggested Solution: Review any reports that rely on psf_ProjectCASummary

During the upgrade: No action



Schema Revisions


Table: xsfDocRevision

  • Added csString120 VC(120)
  • Added csString240 VC(240)


Table: xsfDivision

  • Added Email1 VC(255)