KBA-01622: SMTP Message Size


What does Exceeded Storage Allocation mean?
What does Message size exceeds fixed maximum mean?


There was an attempt to send an email, likely with one or more attachments, and the total aggregate size of the email message (when properly MIME encoded), was larger than that allowed by one of the the SMTP servers responsible for delivering the message.

When sfPMS sends an email, it does not actually know the maximum message size that the local SMTP server will allow, nor does it know the maximum that the target SMTP server will allow.  And certainly these can be different:  many companies allow ~30MB – but some (state and local governments only) allow much less (~8MB).

Therefore, by default, sfPMS will limit the outbound message size to around 8MB.

RouteConfig | MaxSendKB

Use this rule to tell sfPMS the message size to use as its default.  If you see one of these messages, REDUCE the value assigned to this rule.

Automatically Send Download Link

When an outbound message exceeds the size in RouteConfig | MaxSendKB, sfPMS will remove the attachments and send a link to the web download wizard instead.

Additional Comments:

Review RouteConfig and EMailText rules.

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