KBA-01549: Client Side Calculations for Custom Document


How do I set up a custom document to have item detail calculations like a PCO or SCO?
Why does my custom document get the value of the property CalculateSCOItemChangeAmount is null or undefined script error?


Client side calculations require javascript.  When your custom document type needs to perform such calculations, you must include a DocItemConfig | JSIncludes rule so that the required script is loaded.

The two most common Spitfire supplied calculation libraries:

  • PCOAmountCalculations
    • Includes the CalculateSCOItemChangeAmount function
  • SPRAmountCalculations
    • Includes the CalculateSPRLine function

Additional Comments:

See KBA-01158 for more on the DocItemConfig rule group.

KBA-01549; Last updated: October 20, 2016 at 11:51 am
Keywords:  Item details