What’s New in V2023 Addendum


Since July 15, 2023. See also What’s New in V2023.

Note: An asterisk (*) in this document denotes an improvement or new feature that resulted from an enhancement request.


sfPMS | Authentication Tab

    • The Spitfire tab that allows you to set up password requirements now defaults to a minimum password length of 9 characters (up from 4). This requirement will be enforced the next time a user needs to change their password.
    • The Spitfire tab offers an option that, when checked, requires Federated Login for all users. (See Log In under Power UX below.)

sfPMS | Branding Tab

    • The Branding Bar Text that would show up in Classic in the top branding bar now shows up on your browser tab after the word Spitfire in Power UX. For example,

Power UX


    • The Login page now supports user identification using Microsoft Entra or Google account federation. For more information, see KBA-01845.

Report Browser

    • The Report folder menu has been improved in Power UX.
    • Links next to report names provide help documentation for that report.
    • You can add your own documentation for your reports by uploading an .htm file with the same name of the report into your zPublicHTML/ReportHelp folder. You can also edit and SAVE AS any file in that folder.


    • *The top of all dashboards, called the Quick Bar, can now include Document Search boxes. These search boxes can be configured to find specific documents based on a specific search criteria. (More info.)  See UI Configuration also.
    • The Project Search box now allows you to use the down arrow to scroll through matches, showing the project ID. Hit the Enter or Tab key to select.

Executive Dashboard

    • You can now save up to three “personal filters” by selecting your filters and naming the save on the Executive Dashboard. The personal filters are a subset of the general filters for the Executive Dashboard and will remain as subsets until you remove them.

Home Dashboard

    • *The Project List is now hidden by default unless you choose to see it, in which case it will save your setting as the default.

File Catalog Dashboard

    • An Open Folder Location option, available on the right-mouse-click menu, allows you to go to the folder in which a specific file is located.
    • A z Hidden Images folder, available if you have the System Admin role (with Global Update), can hold your SiteLogo.gif file (your logo at the top of the side blue bar.)  (See KBA-01657)
    • The Preview option for files also includes tabs for Access History and File Versions.
    • HTML and JS files can be previewed.
    • Catalog Search Filters now include on/off switches for “Include Closed” and “Company Wide.”

Project Dashboard

    • If your site is integrated with an accounting system, you can request a sync if you deem it necessary. (Normally, syncs happen automatically.)  See KBA-01848.

Grid Columns

    • You can click on the at the end of text that does not fit in a column to open a window with the full text.


    • A new Active Users tab tracks information about users on the system, including when they last logged in and how active they currently are. Users who have not been active on the site for over 55.55 minutes can be automatically logged off if needed.

General Improvements (available in Classic UI also)

Contacts Dashboard

    • Contact Details

      • A new Identity tab allows you to list single sign on identities for a user, as well as indicate an exception if the site requires federated logins. (See KBA-01847) The Identities tab is not needed if your users use only a regular ID and Password (or Active Directory) to log in.

Specific Documents/Workbooks

    • Budget/Forecast/BFA

      • *The Snapshot Warning pop-up window now includes columns for Actual To Date, Actual Quantity, Open Commitment; and Commitment Qty.  Information for these columns comes from your accounting system, if your site is integrated. (More info)
      • The BFA snapshot now allows you to create a new revised snapshot that maintains existing user data if you discover that your current snapshot has outdated information. (More info.)
    • Commitment

      • If your site is integrated with Acumatica, the Compliance tab now indicates if the status for each compliance item has synced with Acumatica.
        Possible messages are:

        • ~ Synced = the compliance status has been sent.
        • ~ Unmapped = the compliance item is new or not mapped for syncing.
        • ~ Blocked = the compliance item has failed repeatedly, or the item has been marked as Not Tracked.
        • ~ Queued = the compliance item has changed state and is currently in the XTS queue ready to be synced.
    • Pay Application/SOV Workbook

      • *A new Apply Retainer option allows you to request retainer funds through a special Pay Application. (See also the SOVConfig | RetainerAccount rule below and KBA-01843.)
  • System Admin Dashboard/Tools

    • (see also Workflow Script Commands, Role Capabilities and Rules below)
    • UI Configuration

      • A new part, Power UX Quick Bar, allows you to configure the top of the dashboard in Power UX.  (More info.)
  • Workflow Script Commands

      • *ATC: ATTACH UPDATE now supports two new options:
        • UNFREEZE turns on future bookmark updates by setting the Bookmarks Locked option off (unchecked) as long as the file itself is unlocked.
        • APPLY templatename; copies all worksheets and defined names from the specified Excel template onto the specified attachments. This option is applicable for Excel attachments only.
      • *ATC: SET now supports new value options:
        • BeforeChange( tablename.field ) returns the value of the field prior to the pending change.
        • Compute ( tablename, expression [,filter] ) returns the expression evaluated for all rows in the specified table or those rows that match the optional filter.
  • Roles and Capabilities

    • PART
      • Watchdog Alerts now requires a D permission in order for a user to clear all Alerts from the Watchdog Alerts part.
    • SYS
      • Access to Peer Accounting System now requires a U permission in order for a user to use the Project Accounting Re-Sync option.
      • Contact Company Details requires an I permission in order for a user to add a row on the Contact Identities tab.
  • Rules

    • DocItemConfig

      • *NegativeRetention is a new rule that allows you to indicate whether debit lines on deductive Commitment Change Orders (CCOs) and Pay Requests should allow retention.
    • ExecutiveDashboard

      *PromptFirst is a new rule that allows you to indicate whether the Executive Dashboard should prompt for filters before attempting to load data.

    • SOVConfig

      • *RetainerAccount is a new rule that allows you to specify the Account Category specific to the General Ledger liability account that has been designated for retainer funds.
  • Reports

    • The Commitment Balance by Line Report, available from the Report Browser, now includes a column for Retention Held.


Resolved Enhancement Requests

  • 32619: Changes Since Snapshot in BFA
  • 32716: SOV Support for Retainer
  • 32812: Available Retention by Commitment Line
  • 32818: Credit Lines Should Note Carry Retention
  • 32822: Easy Create New Snapshot with Prior Changes
  • 33002: Workflow support for prior field value
  • 33117: Project List hidden by default
  • 33256: Diagnostic Tools Active Users
  • 33361: New Rule to Prompt First on Executive Dashboard