Numeric Input Fields


When I copy $1,234.56 into numeric fields on my document, Spitfire strips out the comma and dollar sign and has the amount show up as 1234.56. I added some other text fields onto my document and would like to use them also for numeric input, with amounts not including extra characters. Can I make Spitfire strip out commas and dollar signs on those fields?


Yes. It is true that Spitfire automatically strips commas and other non-numeric characters from all established numeric fields, leaving only numbers and decimal points. This was done because numeric input fields do not accept other types of characters and Spitfire would complain about the dollar signs and commas. Text fields that are used as numeric fields do not have this restriction; however, if you’d like to impose a consistent look to text fields used as numeric fields, you can do so through a CCS option in UI Configuration, which will strip out extra characters in numbers.

To configure a text field to display as a default numeric field:

  1. Use the filters on the UI Configuration tool (on the System Admin Dashboard) to find the field that you want to configure.
  2. Edit the row and add CSS=clsNumericInput; as an Extended option. For example:
  3. Save your changes.

For more information about other Extended options for your fields, see KBA-01336.