Overview on What You Can Do with Files

There are several things you can do with the files in the Catalog and with attached files on your Documents.

Attach Catalog File to a Document No matter how a file was added to the Catalog, that file can be attached to a particular document at any time through the DocAttach tool.
Route Files Any file that is attached to a document can be routed to other people, as appropriate.

Catalog files that are not attached to a document can also be routed through a special Catalog File Route document.

Delete Files You can delete files from the Catalog. Once deleted, files are permanently removed from the Spitfire system.
Rename Files You can rename files through in-place editing wherever files are listed.
View Files sfPMS allows for various ways to view a file. Depending on setup and the applications on your workstation, you can view a file through its native application (e.g., in Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, etc.).
Edit Files If you have the proper application (such as Microsoft Word or Excel) on your workstation, you can edit certain Catalog files and “check in” your revised versions.
Approve Files Most sites approve files automatically when they are added to the system. However, if automatic approval has been turned off, you can manually approve files as well as revoke approval of files.
Export Files You can export files from the Catalog onto your computer.
Download Files You can download files from the Catalog onto your computer through a zip file.