Resubmit Submittal Items (AutoCopyWhen)

Doc types (for example, Submittals and Submittal Packages) can be configured so that when an Item is given a particular status (such as Resubmit) and the document is saved, the Item is copied onto the document with (by default) a new status of Open, and an incremented revision number.

This feature is set up through the DocItemConfig | AutoCopyWhen:xx rule, where xx is the ItemStatus code, for example:

When the Item is copied, dates are reset and the Item status is set back to the default (such as Open).

Other rules can configure this functionality further. (See KBA-01158 for the DocItemConfig rules and KBA-01530 for the DocCopyConfig rules.)

  • DocItemConfig | AutoCopyMoveAttachments determines the disposition of files attached to the Item.
  • DocItemConfig | AutoCopyResetFields determines which additional fields are reset to null on the copied Item. The default is Received Date.
  • DocItemConfig | AutoCopyRevItemNum determines the Item number style.
  • DocItemConfig | DefaultRevisionNumber sets the initial Rev value to 0 or 1.
  • DocCopyConfig | AllItemFolders determines the treatment of Item folders (if any).


  • Once copied, the original Item on the document becomes read-only.
  • Users who have the DOC | Enable Edit for items with closed status capability in one of their roles can make changes to read-only Items.