Introduction to Documents and Item Basics

In Spitfire the term “document” is used to describe a specific form (or envelope) created in sfPMS from a configured document type (Doc Type). There are many Doc Types in the system, each with its own specific purpose. Each Doc Type includes a Header with metadata to define the document, an Attachment tab to hold all the uploaded files and links to related information, and a Route Detail tab to record and track the contacts who reviewed the document. Additional information can also be entered an various tabs configured in the midsection of the document, for example the Items tab for included Items on the PunchList Doc Type or the Scope tab on the Change Order Doc Type.

Basics:  In Spitfire, a Document is a Spitfire Document and Files are any additional information uploaded into Spitfire, such as PDF files, Excel files, etc. which are stored in the Spitfire Catalog and can be attached to a Spitfire Document on the Attachment tab.

Note: Doc Types are configured during implementation,