Delivering a high quality product that meets market demand is our primary goal. Providing training to our clients so that they can successfully run their business more efficiently and more profitably is our further goal.

Training Videos

We offer various types of videos for clients who need to refresh their memories. These videos are free of charge and available 24/7. Just select a video and start watching.

Training Classes

We also offer training classes that are delivered over the web in a live class session with an instructor.  There are three types of classes, depending on where you are in your implementation process.

  • Orientation Sessions are meant to show you common procedures and functionality in Spitfire to help you better understand the parts of the system and to guide you in making your own configuration decisions.
  • Implementation Training occurs during implementation, on your own site, and culminates in a conference room pilot.
  • As-needed training classes can be scheduled after go-live to go over specific topics. These classes can be specific to your site configurations and SOPs.  Contact Support for more information.