Updating the Application Worksheet

To update the Application worksheet:

  1. Review the SOV items on the Application worksheet and add or delete rows, including Headers and Subtotals, as necessary.
  2. Work your way down the rows, entering your billing amounts by entering a Units number (if you are using Units), Work Complete amount, Stored Materials amount, or To Date percentage.

    If you … Then…
    enter a Units number the worksheet will calculate the Work Completed and To Date % amount
    use the Schedule Value unit rate the resulting Work Completed amount can be editing, if required
    enter a Work Completed or Stored Materials the worksheet will calculate the To Date % amount
    enter a To Date % amount the worksheet will calculate the Work Completed
    enter a Work Completed amount and then enter a Stored Materials amount the worksheet will automatically reduce your Work Completed by the Stored Materials amount to maintain the same % Billable
    enter the Stored Materials amount and then enter the Work Completed amount the % Billable will update to accommodate both amounts
  3. (optional) Review this billing application’s summary by selecting Project Summary or SOV Print from the Spitfire menu.
    If some data is missing or not correct, return to the SOV workbook to correct the billing amounts or return to the Pay Application, Project Setup, or Project Dashboard to enter or correct information.
  4. (optional) Use options to change the sales tax amount manually or to release prior retention if applicable.
  5. (optional) Print the SOV worksheet.
  6. Save the changes then close the workbook. You can open the SOV workbook as many times as necessary as you gather data, prepare, and review your billing application.