What Gets Routed

If there is no output version of the document (ie, nothing created from a template) nor any attached files, the preview and post-view content will include only a ReadMe.txt file and a SendInProcess.txt file, which indicates whether the document has been routed or not.

If there is no output version of the document (ie, nothing created from a template) nor any attached files, the e-mail message or fax sent to the routee will include only one of the following:
–  whatever message and information was configured through an EMailText rule
–  the output from an E-mail Body template
Note: If no EMailText rule nor E-mail Body template has been configured for the document, the default e-mail or fax will likely be confusing to the Via E-mail/Fax routee. For this reason, if you add a Via E-mail routee to your document’s Route Detail tab, you should make sure the routee will receive something useful, such as a configured e-mail message that pulls some information from the document, an output version of the document (generated template), or attached files.

Document Attachments and Template Printouts
All files listed on a document’s Attachments tab can be included in the routed content of a document. Files become part of a document through:
–  Drag-and-drop
–  The Add Files and DocAttach tools
–  Attachment templates
Whether or not each file is actually included in the routed content. and in what format, is determined by the Incl option on the document’s Attachments tab.

If Incl option = File
Assemble Will be merged with other Assembled files into one PDF file and that one PDF file will be included in the routed content. File types that can be assembled are .JPG, TIF, .PNG, .GIF, .PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, .XLS, .XLSX
Native Will be included in routed content in its original format (e.g., as a .DOCX, .XLSX, etc.file), if possible.
Not Sent Will not be included in the routed content.
PDF Will be converted into a PDF file (if possible; see list above) and included individually in the routed content.

– The Incl option can be set by default for specific file types through the FileCatalogConfig | AttachMode:ext rule.
–  When a document (A) has another document (B) in its Attachments, and document (A) is routed, the assembled output of the attached document (B) is included, excluded any document(s) that may be attached to it.
–  Files are created through the Transmittal and Item Cover templates (which do not appear on the Attachments tab) are also included in routed content, as stand-alone PDF files.
–  Reports included on the Document’s Option menu can also be included in configured in the ReportConfig rule group. For example, see the Site Conditions report on the Daily Field Report.

Preview / Post-view Content
The routed content for the document includes all files not marked as Not Sent, as well as a ReadMe.txt file.

When a document with attached and/or template printouts is routed via e-mail, those files appear as attachments in the e-mail message, if size permits.

Note: If an EmailText rule (see KBA-01394) or E-mail Body template has been set up for the e-mail. it will show up in the body of the e-mail whether or not files are attached.

Download Wizard
Since attached files may prove too large for the e-mail message, the message will include a download link by default. Clicking this link is similar to previewing routed content.