Your Initial Budget

When you create and save a new Project Setup document in sfPMS, a blank Initial Budget document is created automatically (by default). You can open this Initial Budget either from the Project Setup document (if it does not have a status of Committed) or from the Project Dashboard.

The Spitfire Budget document controls the security permissions for entering, editing, viewing, and posting your budget.

Budget Revenue and Project Setup
The Contract Amount on the Project Setup document has a relationship with the revenue amount on your Budget.

From Project Setup to BFA workbook

  • the ProjectConfig | ManualRevenue rule has been unchecked AND
  • you enter an Item on the Project Setup document AND
  • you set the Project Setup document to Committed AND
  • then you create the BFA workbook, the total Item amount from the Project Setup document will appear as the Original Revenue Budget amount in BFA.

From BFA workbook to Project Setup

  • you create your Project Setup document without any Items AND
  • keep the Project Setup with a status of In Process (i.e., do not yet approve it) AND
  • you include a revenue amount on the BFA workbook AND
  • you approve your Budget document,

the total revenue amount from the BFA workbook will be added to the Project Setup document as an Item called “As Per Agreement”.