Actions on a Routed Document

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You can open and review any document in your Inbox; however, you might not be allowed to see all the routees in a document’s route. If you were designated a Collaborator by the creator of the document, you can edit the document. Otherwise you probably cannot edit the document unless you have been given a role with permission to edit documents of the particular Doc Type. In all cases you can add information to the Rsp text box in the Route Detail section or the remarks field where configured.

While the document is in your Inbox, you can open it, view it, (possibly) edit it, and close it any number of times. Only when you change its route status will it leave your Inbox and go to the next routee, or to no one’s Inbox if you are the last routee.

If you do not need to open the document, you can change its route status through the Inbox action bar.

Note: The Inbox represents an access point to the document Even while the document is in your Inbox, it appears in, and can be opened from, the Project Dashboard.

To open the document and read/write route messages:

  1. At your Inbox, click the folder (of any color) to open the document.
  2. (optional) If you have permission to do so, make changes on the document header and mid-section tabs as needed.
  3. If necessary, click the Route Detail tab.
  4. (optional) From the Rsp or Notes columns, click View or Edit.
  5. (optional) From the Rsp drop-down, select a response.
  6. (optional) Click Edit to open the text editor. Other routees on your route with proper permission will be able to read your Rsp message.


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