Alerts About Added Attachments

Did You Know?:

An Attachment Added alert type is available and can be configured to notify PMs (or anyone else) that a file has been attached to a document by someone other than themselves.  For example, if a user sends out a contract via email (or DocuSign), that user can get an alert when the returned contract is attached to the Spitfire document.  Or a user can know when other staff members have attached necessary files to a Spitfire document.

To set up the Attachment Added alert:

  1. Open the Alert Subscription tool on the Manage Dashboard.
  2. Add a new row.
  3. (recommended) Click the icon to switch the field to role-based entry.
  4. Select a role such as Project Manager or use the role of Doc Entered By to denote “whoever created the document.” The role determines the people on the project who will receive the alert. For example, if the role is Project Manager, then all PMs on the project will get the alert (except for the PM who attaches the file). If the role is Doc Entered By, then only the creator of the document will get the alert.
  5. In the Alert field, type or look up Attachment Added.
  6. (optional) Select a Doc Type from the drop-down. If Doc Type is left blank, the alert will apply to all Doc types.
  7. (optional) Enter any of the other fields as appropriate. [See Alert Subscriptions for more information.]  For example, the alert can also be sent via email if the EmailNotify option is on.
  8. Accept the row and save the Alert Subscription.


Alert subscriptions apply only to documents created after the alert subscriptions have been saved, and while the alert subscriptions are active.

Alerts in the Watchdog Alerts part on the Home Dashboard:

Alerts that are triggered show up in the Watchdog Alerts part.

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