This command adds a User Interaction Attribute (a setting or flag that controls the behavior of the current document session for the current user). Note: This ATC command is highly technical. Contact your implementer for assistance.

  • ID is required. It is the name of the attribute to be controlled.  For example:
    • CanAddItemsNow  – overrides built in security logic. Use with caution!
    • ClearFileCache – clears IIS cache of all files attached to this document.
    • CloudPush – places this doc one the cloud sync queue.
    • DocInfoMessage – under Doc Header fields.
    • DocHeaderMessage  – above Doc Header fields.
    • DocRefresh  – refreshes the body and route parts. You can also specify DocAIRRefresh or DocBodyRefresh to refresh just the specified part.
    • DocWindowReload – causes an additional round trip to reload the document.
    • ManualDocNo – uses the DocNo already provided for a new document.
    • sfLink.NavTo
    • SuppressWorkflow – disables subsequent workflow script events, like cascading on save scripts.
    • QueueCloseDocWindow – closes the document window, not the document status.
    • RefreshDashboard – pushes a refresh to the main dashboard tab.
    • RefreshPart – pushes a refresh to a specific part of the main dashboard, if displayed.  Part Names are case sensitive, such as actionitems (Home Dashboard Inbox) and ProjTypedDocList (project dashboard document list).
    • RunClientJS – passes the text as a line of Javascript that runs on client document ready.
    • UserNotification – top right corner, floating above document header.
  • data is required. The freeform data can be
    • a variable (see the third example below)
    • any text and can include spaces and bookmarks

Note: To set additional properties on the UIA row, use the ATC: SET command and use TargetRow to reference the fields:

  • Permit (int)
  • uiEntryEnabled (boolean) – note: this field is set to true by the ADD command
  • keyValue (guid)
  • auxValue (string) – note this field is set to your specified data by the ADD command

Note:  This command has limited viability in an “on create” workflow script when DocTypeConfig | PersistNewDocument is on for the document.  Test your results.


ATC: ADD UIA CloudPush now
ATC: SET TargetRow.uiEntryEnabled = true

The above example means “add the CloudPush control flag and then enable the flag”.  The next save will push the document for a cloud file sync.  A cloud push typically happens automatically once per document session.

ATC: ADD UIA ManualDocNo 1
ATC: SET TargetRow.uiEntryEnabled = true

The above example may apply in an On Create script and means “set the Document number to some value, perhaps derived by an ATC: QUERY and then create the ManualDocNo control flag and then enable the flag”.  The next save will use the specified document number instead of getting the next available document number (as typically applies when saving a new document).

ATC: ADD UIA SuppressWorkflow now
ATC: SET TargetRow.Permit = 1

The above example means “add the SuppressWorkflow control flag to prevent event-driven workflow, then enable it for 1 iteration, and then save”.  The next save will not run event-driven workflow scripts.  This can avoid an infinite loop!

ATC: COPY ....
 Please <a title="Open" class="sfDocHL" data-key="[DKEY_DocHeader_DocMasterKey]" 
 data-permits="0" href="#" onclick="$PopDoc();return false;">Open this</a> soon!
ATC: ADD UIA QueueCloseDocWindow 2
ATC: ADD UIA DocInfoMessage New document created!
ATC: ADD UIA DocHeaderMessage $HDR

The above example means “create a new document [exact options are not important here] and use the new document to place a message with an HTML anchor into a variable ($HDR).  Then return to the source document and queue it to close automatically.”  If the document is kept open, a link will be available to open the new document.

ATC: ADD UIA BypassCompliance 1
ATC: SET TargetRow.uiEntryEnabled = true

The above example disables compliance update during the next save

ATC: ADD UIA RefreshPart ProjTypedDocList

The above example pushes a refresh to the main dashboard so that it will refresh the Project Document List (if currently displayed).   Other common part names:

  • actionitems
  • DocSearch
  • ProjTypedDocList
  • ProjTeam
  • ProjectCA
  • ProjectKPI
ATC: SET $Filter = FileName LIKE '*Waiver.doc*'
ATC: SET DocRevision.csKey = TargetRow.DocKey
ATC: SET $Callback = top.RefreshDocPart( 'DocAIR',''); top.PopFVC( sfWCC.dsCacheKey ,'[DKEY_DocRevision_csKey]','get',sfApplicationRootPath);
ATC: ADD UIA RunClientJS 1 
ATC: SET TargetRow.auxValue = $CallBack 
ATC: SET TargetRow.uiEntryEnabled = true

The above example converts a word attachment to PDF, refreshes the attachment grid and starts a download of the new PDF using a JS callback that also refreshes the attachment grid part.


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