ATC: ATTACH FILE [full filename] COMMENT text

This command attaches a link to a file already in the Spitfire Catalog to a document being created or modified by the workflow script. [See ATC: ATTACH DUPLICATE if the intention is to attach a clone of a file to the document instead.]

  • [full filename] is required. It specifies the full catalog path and filename for the file. The square brackets are required.  If you specify a $variable, the variable can contain either the path and name, or it can specify the attachment key
  • COMMENT text is optional. The text will appear as a note on the Attachment tab.


ATC: ATTACH FILE [/Compliance Forms/W9.pdf] COMMENT blank W9 form to be completed and returned

The above example means “attach the W9.pdf file that is found on the Compliance Forms folder in the Catalog to the document and add the note blank W9 form to be completed and returned to the grid on the Attachment tab.”

ATC: QUERY qRelevantFiles
ATC: FOREACH qRelevantFiles BY ReferenceDate
   ATC: SET $FileKey = @.FileKey
   ATC: ATTACH FILE $FileKey COMMENT relevant file

The above example means “run a query that returns a list of relevant files and for each file returned, set the $FileKey variable to the file key and attach the file to the document.”  In this simplified example, there is no meaning to what represents a relevant file – it might involve file type, date range and other criteria.  The query should NOT return files already attached to the document.

Last updated: August 1, 2023 at 8:27 am