ATC: ATTACH DUPLICATE [full filename] COMMENT text

This command attaches a clone of a file already in the Spitfire Catalog to a document being created or modified by the workflow script. [See ATC: ATTACH FILE if the intention is to attach a link to an existing file instead.]

  • [full filename] is required. It specifies the full catalog path and filename for the file. The square brackets are required.  If you specify a $variable, the variable can contain either the path and name, or it can specify the attachment key
  • COMMENT text is optional. The text will appear as a note on the Attachment tab.


ATC: ATTACH DUPLICATE [/Compliance Forms/W9.pdf]

The above example means “create a cloned copy of the W9.pdf file that is found on the Compliance Forms folder in the Catalog and attach it to the document.”

ATC: QUERY qRelevantFiles
ATC: FOREACH qRelevantFiles BY ReferenceDate
   ATC: SET $FileKey = @.FileKey
   ATC: ATTACH DUPLICATE $FileKey COMMENT relevant file

The above example means “run a query that returns a list of relevant files and for each file returned, set the $FileKey variable to the file key and attach a cloned copy of the file to the document.”  In this simplified example, there is no meaning to what represents a relevant file – it might involve file type, date range and other criteria.  The query should NOT return files already attached to the document.

Last updated: August 1, 2023 at 8:28 am